Tell Congress: It's Time to Revisit Legislation to Reduce Gun Violence

It is our hope that as the hours and days pass, Americans and the elected officials who represent them match their anger and sadness with a renewed commitment to ensuring tragedies like this one never happen again.

We wrote Congress asking them to come together to take action in the wake of this latest tragedy. Join us as co-signers.

Dear Congress -

It happened again.

A disturbed and dangerous individual used a gun to commit mass murder - to create for us all a world as dark 
and evil as his own. Now, 12 Americans are dead, and we wonder, again, when and where will it happen next?

Guns themselves are not the problem. Firearms provide for the exercise of our basic rights, connect us to our most cherished traditions and pastimes, and keep us safe in our homes.

However, allowing dangerous people access to guns goes to the very heart of the gaping vulnerability presented by gun violence. Criminals and the severely mentally ill have time and time again used firearms for murder and mayhem. This must end.

After shootings at Tucson, Aurora, Oak Creek, and Newtown, Congress stalled and failed. Since the Sandy Hook massacre, there have been 16 more mass shootings in communities across America. Still nothing.

We have disturbing problems - gun crime, mental illness, and the easy access that dangerous people have to guns. But our public officials seem more interested in political theater and special interest threats than in leadership.

Congress, you must lead. Come together, take a sober look at the problem, and pass laws that protect our families and communities. Please act.

We are not a nation that just mourns tragedy. We are not a nation that lets its greatness bleed away, one murder after another. We are a nation that solves problems. We are a nation whose laws should allow Americans to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly

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